Design project failures: Outcomes and gains of participation in design


论文原文:Design project failures: Outcomes and gains of participation in design

来源:Design Studies 2018

作者:Sofia Lundmark, Department of Education, Uppsala University

作者简介:Sofia Lundmark is a Researcher at the Department of Education, Uppsala University, and Lecturer at the School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies at Södertörn University. Her PhD thesis concerns empowerment, participation and norm-critical efforts in the design of online youth counselling services. Her ongoing research projects focuses on design pedagogy and creative programming practices in educational settings.个人简介链接 read more

第三次-21821012-李佳琪(可持续社会变革的参与式设计-Participatory design for sustainable social change )


论文原文:Participatory design for sustainable social change 

来源:Design Studies 2018

作者:Rachel Charlotte Smith & Ole Sejer Iversen


Rachel Charlotte Smith 是Aarhus University助理教授,擅长领域为设计人类学,社会人类学,参与式设计,互动设计,数字文化遗产等。被引用数量为197次,h-index为9。

Ole Sejer Iversen是Aarhus University交互设计教授,擅长领域为儿童 – 计算机交互、参与式设计、计算思维、交互设计、人机交互。被引用数量为1048次,h-index为19。 read more